Next Time You Hear Jimmy Dore Attack a “Squad” Member…

Next time you hear Jimmy Dore attacking the progressive “squad,” a candidate running to be part of it (probably sometime today), or their voters, based on the premise that the squad is not serving your interests but those of the Nancy Pelosi-Industrial-Complex and therefore too right wing and therefore to blame for your lack of Medicare for All, recall the following moment in history:

Two nights before the Medicare for All rallies organized throughout the country, which Jimmy believes you are a sell out for not participating in or supporting if you claim to want Medicare for All right now, Jimmy went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News.

Tucker Carlson, master in the art of sucking up and punching down, both of which he can accomplish simultaneously through Jimmy, has to do hardly anything but nod and squint in order to knock his Jimmy Dore interview out of the park. There are, however, some hardballs Jimmy could throw at Carlson to shake things up if he so chooses, a couple of shout-outs, perhaps, that he could give to those of us who don’t share with Jimmy the luxury of being invited on Tucker’s show or the shamelessness to invite ourselves.

(Pause to consider: What would have the worst implications? 1) Jimmy likes Tucker more than Tucker likes Jimmy; 2) Tucker likes Jimmy more than Jimmy likes Tucker; or 3) They like each other equally? I digress.)

Given the chance, on Carlson’s enormous platform, to use about 10 seconds of airtime encouraging listeners to show up in a day and a half to the nationwide Medicare for All rallies Jimmy has been supporting for weeks (and shaming others for not supporting), Jimmy instead seized the opportunity to TOTALLY DEBUNK AND DESTROY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other “squad” members and, in so doing, chose also to use the words “I,” “I’m,” “my,” or “me” exactly 21 times in approximately three minutes and five seconds, even though he was not asked about himself, or 21 and a half times if you count one instance in which he used the word “him” to refer to himself in the third person.

(Note: Also undecided as to what is most objectionable in this regard: 1) That three minutes and five seconds is quite a long time to be talking before an audience of millions without mentioning the nationwide rallies in which you will be participating a day and a half later; 2) that three minutes and five seconds is quite a short time in which to find 21 and a half opportunities to mention yourself; or 3) that this was only three minutes and five seconds of a longer clip of a longer interview.)

Nonetheless, it is worth considering, particularly in the context of Ohio’s Special Election, whose interests Jimmy has at heart.

Simply ask yourself: Who am I going to support? Nina Turner, who is running for Congress on a platform with which I generally agree? Or Jimmy Dore and his minions, who are betting Jimmy’s credibility on her failure to help pass policies he claims to support?

Ask yourself simple questions, like: Do I want to support the person who is not corrupt, supports Medicare for All, and is running against Shontel Brown? Or do I want to support The Jimmy Dore Show for attacking the Medicare for All candidate running against Shontel Brown?

Here is another way to think about it:

As Jimmy Dore well knows, there are many corporate Democrats and corporate media pundits who claim to support Medicare for All as an ideal, as something we should do in the future, just not now, while attacking progressive candidates and voters who support Medicare for All right now.

How is what Jimmy Dore does any different, except as a matter of tactics?

In other words, how is hoping that a third party will sweep into office and pass Medicare for All some day in the future, instead of Nina Turner or “the squad,” any less brazenly ridiculous and un-strategic than hoping corporate Democrats like Nancy Pelosi will pass it someday in the future?

Those are at least equally unlikely scenarios, which means it does not matter that they happen to be unlikely for different reasons, and that it does not matter if you think Green Party supporters or candidates are generally decent people, and that corporate Democrats are not. Corporate Democrats are at least equally likely to pass Medicare for All as the Green Party: not likely at all. One of them cannot. One of the will not. But they are at least equally likely not to any time soon.

Jimmy could accomplish just as much as he currently does toward passing Medicare for All by throwing all of his support and praise behind Joe Biden: nothing.

“The Squad,” however, is at least a little more likely than either the corporate Democrats or The Jimmy Dore Show to push in the direction of Medical for All with some success, along with other policies Jimmy claims to support, whether or not one personally likes the squad or thinks squad members could push harder, whether or not one objects to the Pelosi-Industrial-Complex. This, too, Jimmy well knows.

Jimmy obscures the differences between fighting fights you are likely to lose but that are worth fighting, and fighting with the intention of losing. He does this on purpose, knowingly.

This could be explained by a failure fetish.

More likely, though, Jimmy prefers betting on failure because failure, in all fairness to Jimmy, is usually a safer bet than success, and because you don’t lose anything from failure if the business model of your Youtube show is counting on it.

(See the clip here, starting around a minute in, to count:

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