15 Elementary Questions for Jimmy Dore

1) For the left, the anti-war movement, what are called “progressives,” or anyone with whom you share any political values whatsoever, what is the political purpose of downplaying Cenk Uygar’s anti-war positions and hyping up Tucker Carlson’s?

2) In the era of climate change, nuclear weapons, Covid, an oligarchic political and media system, etcetera, what has been, is being, will be, or should be accomplished, in your estimation, by a public relations war between TYT and The Jimmy Dore Show?

3) In other words, what can be accomplished by this for everyday people in the world?

4) Is there any form of U.S. intervention in Syria that you believe is, in any way at all, made less likely when you attack Cenk Uygar for being pro-war?

5) If so, which form of intervention might that be?

6) How does your attack on Cenk Uygar work to mitigate the likelihood of that intervention?  

7) When you devoted the entirety of your media leverage and connections to the Force the Vote campaign, did you know that its failure was inevitable and support it anyways?

8) Or did you not understand that its failure was inevitable?

9) I am suspicious of most attacks on leftists who support third party candidates. I myself have supported third party candidates for President in the past.

I was also 18. I also never recommended voting third party in swing states, because I understood, for example, that Hillary Clinton would be slightly preferable to Donald Trump, and because I understood, even at age 18, how the Supreme Court works in America. Since 18, I have changed my mind about supporting third parties in presidential elections, but I have a great deal of respect and admiration for many on the left who have supported third party candidates. I recognize that people who do good work have elucidated strong arguments for third party support, and have done so with specific strategic aims and goals in mind, whether one agrees with them or not, such as Cornell West, Eddie Glaude, Jr., Chris Hedges, and others. Nobody serious on the left, to my knowledge, would accuse any of those three, for example, of being grifters.

10) So, without getting into the weeds on third party support in general: Have you, Jimmy Dore specifically, thought through the following questions and articulated clear answers to them for yourself?

11) Is there a strategic way for the left to support third party candidates in America?

12) If so, is that the way you are supporting them and articulating that support?

13) The Green Party has received fewer votes in presidential campaigns since campaigning for President in swing states. Do you think the Green Party should get more votes while posing a smaller threat of swinging the election to someone like Trump, or that it should receive fewer votes while posing a larger threat of swinging the election to someone like Trump?

14) In 2016, you told the podcaster Sam Seder that the odds of Trump winning the election and nominating a Supreme Court Justice were similar to the odds of “the moon falling into lake Michigan.”

Armed with hindsight, do you now believe you were correct about that?

15) Do you read books or just book reviews?